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San Diego Chapter Jan/Feb 2008 Newsletter

Posted in Chapter News | February 16, 2008

Here's the January/February 2008 San Diego Chapter Newsletter. Bob Von Willer and Tom Weeks have planned several activities for February and March so be sure to check Page 2 for this information. In particular, try to take advantage of the swap meet scheduled for February 16th. This issue has lots of photos of two chapter social events. Good reading!

Bob Blanchard
Newsletter Publisher

Larry Tobin's Stearman C3B

Posted in Members | February 11, 2008

Larry Tobin's Stearman C3B project is coming along in Spokane. It is expected to fly in April or May, and will be the oldest Stearman flying. Larry is planning to be a wingman for Addison Pemberton's Boeing Model 40 at Air Mail Days, the 2008 Blakesburg Fly-In.

APM Trustee and AAA Director Bios

Posted in News | February 11, 2008

To help put a human face on the organization and website we've brought you bios and photos of the APM Trustees and the AAA National Directors.

Paul Berge has a lot to answer for in regards to shaking Nixon's hand.

Gate Guards and Airplanes on Restaurants

Posted in Members | February 11, 2008

Brent Taylor is looking for pictures of airplanes on top of restaurants, gate guards, and the like for a research project. If you have photos or knowledge of such a plane, please drop Brent a line.

Burger Night at Sky Harbor Airpark 1MN8

Posted in Members | February 04, 2008

Chuck Doyle sent us this story: Burger Night started a few years ago when Jody and I joined another couple from the Airpark for dinner at a local hole in the wall tavern for dinner one Tuesday night, we found the Tuesday night special was "buy one burger basket get another one free".

Soon word spread around the Airpark and we had many neighbors and friends joining us for such a bargain dinner but to our disappointment the "hole in the wall" just could not handle our large and growing group. So as we waited for our tab I came up with the ideal, Hey why don't we try this at our hangar next Tuesday? And Burger Night was born!

Read the full article on Burger Night.

Flint Hills Flyers January 2008 Newsletter

Posted in Chapter News | February 04, 2008

APM Fundraising Drive Update

Posted in News | February 04, 2008

Donations to our APM fund drive continue to come in. As of Friday February 1st, total donations to the APM fund drive have topped $22,000. We've updated the donor list and again thank everybody who has contributed.

We've had the first two donations using online PayPal since this option was added to our website a few weeks ago. Chuck Doyle retains bragging rights for being the first to use PayPal. We hope that our online donation option will be convenient for benefactors.

We also received donations from Ron Price and William J. Purcell that are stated for other APM projects beyond this fund drive and we wish to thank them for their donations as well.

Once again a heartfelt "Thank You" to those listed above and to all whom have donated to this fund drive. Your faith in our efforts to preserve our aviation heritage is truly appreciated.

Brent Taylor
Treasurer, APM

Boeing Model 40C Rollout

Posted in News, Members | February 04, 2008

From Addison Pemberton at Pemberton and Sons Aviation: After 8 years and 18,000 hours of toil the Boeing 40C rolled out last week end as a finished airplane. We now have to wait a few weeks for the snow to melt to fly this baby. We received our Standard Airworthiness cert from the FAA last week and completed the engine pre-oil and fuel flow tests for the 1st of the taxi tests to start when the snow melts a bit.

Read more details about the Model 40C project.

Boehme Family's V-77 Coming Back to Life

Posted in Members | January 30, 2008

Larry Boehme, his son David, and the Boehme family are making fast progress restoring a Stinson V-77. Here's a photo:

Texas Chapter February Newsletter

Posted in Chapter News | January 30, 2008