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Paul Berge Iowa from the Air Video

Posted in Members | January 04, 2008

Paul Berge, lifetime AAA member and host of Iowa Public Television's Side Roads, has put together Iowa From the Air as a video presentation. Click for the video.

Paul Berge lives in central Iowa. He was an FAA air traffic controller for many years, is a CFII and utilizes his own Aeronca Champ for instruction. He also owns a Marquart Charger. Paul was the editor of IFR magazine for 5 years as well, as well as a freelance producer. Among his TV features was a story about the WWII Glider Pilots and one on the APM.

Paul is a professional writer with a regular column called "Flights of Fancy" in The Pacific Flyer magazine. His books include Bootleg Skies, Ailerona and the Logbook plus the short story, Zen and the Art of Pumpkin Bombing for AVWeb's online magazine. He currently hosts the Hangar Flying Theater aviation blog. Paul has been the MC of the annual "Gone Home" awards ceremony at the AAA/APM Fly-In and was elected to the AAA Board of Directors at the 2007 AAA/APM Fly-In. He claims he once shook hands with Richard Nixon at Teterboro Airport, NJ, where he grew up.

Just in time for Christmas! New Antique Airfield Runway Issue

Posted in News | December 16, 2007
This issue of the Antique Airfield Runway is a bit shorter than normal, but it is packed with information about the AAA/APM and our plans for its future. As AAA members this information will give you a roadmap for the future and outline opportunities to get involved in helping the AAA/APM along that future path.

It should be in your hands before the end of the year (mailed December 9th 2007).

Click the cover for a fullsize image

Waco ASO coming to Air Mail Days

Posted in News | December 14, 2007
Dan Neuman Jr. has committed to bring his Waco ASO to Air Mail Days, the 2008 AAA-APM Fly-In. See the full list of committed aircraft and details.

Click the image for a fullsize version

AAA Members Will Fly Air Mail at the 2008 Fly-In

Posted in News | November 21, 2007
The Antique Airplane Association and the Board of Directors of the Air Power Museum are excited to announce that the 2008 AAA-APM Fly-In will commemorate the 90th anniversary of air mail service in the United States. The 2008 Fly-In theme will be Air Mail Days, to honor the pilots and airplanes of the early air mail service. The dates for the fly-in are August 27 to Sept. 1, 2008, at Antique Airfield near Blakesburg, Iowa.

Find out more about the history, the planes, and special USPS souvenir air mail covers made especially for this event!

Pumpkin Drop, The Movie

Posted in News | November 19, 2007


Welcome to the premiere of yet another video/slideshow presentation here on the AAA/APM web site. This feature, as the title states, is about the annual "Pumpkin Drop" held each year at Antique Airfield on the first Sat. of Nov. It is the last "official" activity held at Antique Airfield during the year but it is arguably the most fun. This year was the 12th annual and while not certain we were the first to come up with such a notable way to dispose of pumpkins we are certain we are the longest continuously running such event.
This year we were blessed with near perfect weather, a good crowd made up of our AAA/APM directors, volunteers, members, neighbors and friends from five states, twenty eight aircraft (with fifteen of those acting as "bombers") and more pumpkins than could be dropped in an afternoon !!
Aircraft included three J-3s, two PA-11s, two Aeronca 7ACs, two Champion 7GCBCs, two Cessna 170s and one each of the following; Aeronca 11AC, Aviat "Husky" (on amphibious floats), Beech Debonair, Cessna 140, Cessna L-19, Cessna 180, Cessna 172, Cessna 182, Fairchild PT-26, Hatz Classic, Luscombe 8E, Melfa "Mouse", Miller C (Piperbipe), Pietenpol, Piper Vagabond, Piper PA-28 & a Socata Rallye.
Throughout the afternoon pumpkins rained from a continuous parade of bombers all attempting to hit the target (an old boat and trailer) much to the amusement of the assembled spectators. While most tries were in vain a few pumpkins did manage to land within inches of the target. Our crack team of ordinance experts determined that the closest "hit" belonged to Bill Weyers and his sons, Sam and Nick. So, for the next year they retain bragging rights as well as the traveling trophy (which for some strange reason never fails to be returned ??)
So sit back, turn up the sound and enjoy the feature!
Brent Taylor
Executive Director

2007 National Fly-In Video Slide Show Part 2

Posted in News | November 08, 2007


It has been a bit over a month since I last communicated with the viewers to this web page and since that time we have managed to update the site not only with the video/slideshow of the AAA/APM National Fly-in but also a listing of all the award winners.
As well we have updated you on the exciting news about the Alexander "Bullet" being built by Mary Hanson that is now flying.
However I imagine many of you are waiting for word about the redesign of the web site that is being undertaken by Russell Williams. Well the news is we are continuing to move forward with that project and several technical steps have taken place to facilitate that process. So please continue to watch this space.
In the meantime please enjoy the second video/slideshow presentation of the 2007 AAA/APM National Fly-in and keep watching this space.
And as we have stated previously, if the current or past video/slideshow presentation piques your curiosity and you want to find out more about the Antique Airplane Association and the Air Power Museum and you are not currently a member of the AAA nor a donor to the APM, please consider joining with us to help "Keep the Antiques Flying".
Brent Taylor
Executive Director

2007 National Fly-In Awards Winners

Posted in News | November 01, 2007

Here are the 2007 National Fly-In Award Winners

2007 National Fly-In Video Slide Show

Posted in News | October 30, 2007


It has been a long time since the AAA/APM web site has been updated and I am certain that those who are regular visitors to this web page have been disappointed and discouraged by that lack of timely updates, as well as other problems with the web site.

I will not go into to the reasons why this has been the case as excuses will not solve these problems. However I am here to let you know that hopefully we have turned an important corner to not only keep the web site updated, in a more timely manner, but also to let you know that a complete redesign of the web site is on it's way in the not to distant future. This project is being spearheaded by our web master Aaron Klugherz with help from well known antique airplane collector Russell Williams. With their experience and foresight we look forward to the new and improved AAA/APM web site.

In the mean time please enjoy this update in the form of a video/slideshow presentation of the planes, people and events that took place during the very successful AAA/APM National Fly-in over this past Labor Day weekend. We were blessed with perfect weather during the course of the fly-in and had over 400 aircraft in attendance. At the end of the fly-in Dennis Trone's one-of-a kind OX-5 powered "Thunderbird" was voted Antique Grand Champion.

There will be more to report on the fly-in so stay tuned to this page. In the mean time if the video/slideshow presentation inspires you to want to find out more about the Antique Airplane Association and the Air Power Museum and you are not already a member of the AAA or a donor to the APM please consider joining with us to help keep the antique airplane movement viable and alive for the future.

"Keep the Antiques Flying"

Brent Taylor
Executive Director