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Stars of the Sky and Screen - 2014 Fly-in Theme

Posted in News | November 19, 2013

Stars of the Sky and Screen

Featuring Great Lakes and Interstate Aircraft
AAA/APM Invitational Fly-In, August 27-September 1 2014

Joe Shepard's award winning Lockheed 12a on one of its visits to Antique Airfield. Joe's Lockheed was one of the stars of the 2009 movie Amelia (Audie Hollon photo)

One of the best venues for inspiring interest in aviation today, as well as throughout the last 100+ years of flight, can be found in entertainment venues, such as movies and airshows. Those venues feature not only today's modern aerobatic, military and general aviation aircraft but also at times a number of antique, classic and replica aircraft. Many antique/classic aircraft from movies like The Great Waldo Pepper, The Rocketeer, Pancho Barnes, Pearl & Amelia have attended past AAA/APM fly-ins. Likewise many of the great aerobatic pilots like Price, Cole, Rhinehart, Neuman and many others have spent time here at Antique Airfield along with the airplanes they flew, classic aerobatic aircraft like 450 Stearmans, Taperwings, Monocoupes, Clipwing T-crafts, Buckers, Ryans, Parrakeets, Chipmunks, Great Lakes...

Ergo, the Board of Directors of both the Antique Airplane Association and the Air Power Museum are pleased to announce the 2014 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in theme: "Stars of the Sky & Screen". We will showcase those aerobatic aircraft of old and the legendary pilots that flew them as well as those antiques and classics that have been stars in their own right whether in a Hollywood blockbuster, a made for TV movie or an independent film.

While we're excited over the prospect and hope of gathering together an outstanding collection of those antique/classic aircraft you've seen on the silver screen or performing in the sky, we will as in past years feature an outstanding marque of a particular antique/classic/warbird/neo-classic aircraft manufacturer. 2014 will have not one but two such fine marques of aircraft and both dovetail quite nicely with our "Stars of the Sky & Screen" theme, the Great Lakes and Interstate aircraft.

Of course AAA Founder/President RLT's Interstate S-1A Cadet "Rudolph" will be in attendance (Brent Taylor photo)

Interstate aircraft have not only been flown in airshows when first produced, one continues to a big hit with crowds to this day (and is being campaigned by a well known AAA member). Interstates were also the trainer of choice at the Arlen/Probert & Probert/Devine flying schools in the late 1930's & 1940's. That would be well-known actors Richard Arlen & Andy Devine. Plus one particular Interstate Cadet was the first airplane to be shot down in WWII during Pearl Harbor. We hope to have an outstanding group of Interstates attend the 2014 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in and plan to include the military and modern variants, the L-6 and Artic Tern, as well.

The iconic Great Lakes 2T-1A has since the 1920's been both a legendary aerobatic airplane and a movie star, appearing in such productions as Tarnished Angels and The Rocketeer. We are hoping for an outstanding turn out of both early and modern production Great Lakes that will include original and those modified aircraft like the "Hunt Special". In fact we plan to assemble and have on display the APM's Great Lakes 2T-1A, N11339, which was the lone American entrant at the first modern World Aerobatic Contest (1960) in Czechoslovakia, flown by Frank Price. This particular 'Lakes has also been owned by legendary aerobatic pilots Rod Jocelyn & Mel Baron (who donated N11339 to the APM.)

Paul Fuller's Warner powered Great Lakes on takeoff at Antique Airfield (Robert "Hawkeye" Hughes photo)

Our intention is to have an outstanding display of aerobatic, movie, Great Lakes & Interstate aircraft as well as looking forward to hosting those new restorations and interesting aircraft that help make the AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in the premiere aviation event for those that fly and love antique aircraft. We've already been in contact with several AAA members owning theme or featured aircraft and will have news very soon of some of those that plan to join with us and help us celebrate "Stars of the Sky & Screen".

So keep watching the website for news and start making plans to attend today!

The AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in is sponsored by the Antique Airplane Association and the Air Power Museum, both headquartered at Antique Airfield (IA27) near Blakesburg, IA. This By the Members, for the Members event is held on a privately owned airport that receives no federal, state or local money. While not an airshow nor public event, we encourage all with an interest in preserving and flying antique & classic aircraft to join the AAA and be able to attend this premiere antique/classic aircraft gathering. Click for contact information

Brent Taylor
Fly-in Chairman

Tweety Bird Flies Again!

Posted in Members | November 19, 2013

"Tweety Bird" flies again! Mark Staudacher of Bay City MI has gotten his 1935 Waco YOC flying again after redoing the interior, some engine updates and an all new panel. Photos by Dave Miller, the third flight on September 29th.

Taylorcraft Flying Video

Posted in Members | November 19, 2013

A friend, Tom Reeves, at Frazier Lake Airpark, near Hollister, CA, where I base my Taylorcraft, put two GoPro cameras on the wings this past Saturday and we went flying out to the coast. Here is the outcome. Jerry Impellezzeri

Moss Landing Flight from StinsonBlueWagon on Vimeo.

Teri Chastain's Hatz Project

Posted in Members | November 19, 2013

Teri Chastain of St Louis MO is a 3rd generation Lady Antiquer and the daughter of 2nd generation antiquer Terry Chastain. Teri sent in some pictures of her Hatz project but didn't give any details. If she is anything like her father I'm sure it will be a beauty when its finished.

Texas and Florida Chapter Newsletters

Posted in Chapter News | November 19, 2013

Texas Chapter Fly-in Report, the Art of Crop Dusting, and Scud Running. What more could you ask for?

Pumpkin Drop

Posted in News | November 10, 2013

Though windy and a bit cool, our 2013 Pumpkin Drop was a grand time with 21 attending aircraft from IA, NE, MO & IL. Eighty plus enjoyed a chili lunch prepared by Marcy Taylor followed by the days main attraction, pumpkin bombing. Though we don't have a total number of pumpkins dropped, the target outer ring had sixteen hits while the target itself (an old boat & a trailer) took two direct hits.

Later in the afternoon aircraft buddy rides and flights continued while another contingent broke out their RC and free flight models. At sundown a dinner of smoked pulled pork and sides was served to forty plus people capping a very enjoyable day. "Thanks" to Ben Taylor for all his hard work in preparing the airport and facilities, to Marcy Taylor and all who helped in the preparation and serving of food, to Doris Gretz for running the APM Gift Shop and to Luke Pieper, Ken Marth, Mark Lancaster, Steve Adkisson, Gary Van Farowe, Dave Jackson, Mike Gretz & Tim Verhoeven for their help over the weekend.

With the last pumpkin dropped and the departure of Dallas Grimm's award winning RV4, the 2013 Fly-in season at Antique Airfield comes to a close. It's been a safe, fun and productive year here at IA27 and we are already planning events for 2014. So stay tuned to this website as well as our Facebook page for news of what's coming up in 2014.

Stocking the ammo dump. Once again Luke Pieper (pictured) & Ken Marth arranged for an ample supply while Pat Cowan loaned us the use of his dump trailer, making the unloading much easier. Pumpkins provided by our local Earl May Garden Center (Thanks!), our hay man Aaron Angle and Hy-Vee Supermarket via Gloria Gaskill. (Brent Taylor photo)

APM President Mike Gretz demonstrates the new OPLAF (Orange Peace Liberation Air Force) drone program, code name... “Skokie” (Brent Taylor photo)

APM Fly Market guru Harman Dickerson also took part in the OPLAF drone program demonstrations. (Brent Taylor photo)

Wonder what the crowd is looking at? (Brent Taylor photo)

Did somebody say something about bombers?? (Tom Gehman photo)

Captain Ryan & Joe prepare for another mission. (Tom Gehman photo)

Bomber row! (Tom Gehman photo)

"They're hitting the ground like bags of wet cement!" (Tom Gehman photo)

A pumpkin impact crater! (Jessica Fuller photo)

The winning bomb crew in their Tcraft. (Jessica Fuller photo)

Erik & John Edgren's sunset departure in their "long wing" Tcraft (Jessica Fuller photo)

Dallas Grimm’s Vans RV4 was the last airplane to depart, closing out the 2013 Fly-in season at Antique Airfield. (Brent Taylor photo )

Shake's Turn

Posted in Members | November 10, 2013

Tag you're it! Every time I see this girl at any airport, it's round the hangars we go. Always chased or chasing.

Some kids are such a pest.

Now years later Shalyn Applegate is 18, no longer playing tag, but still pestering; "Teach me to fly! - Teach me to fly!"

"No, leave me alone, get someone else, I have never had a primary student or soloed anyone. I am not an active C.F.I., nor want to be, please find someone else."

"I want you."

Eventually; I am thinking about grandkids I have promised to teach to fly in the future. Maybe I should give this a try, after all she comes from an aviation family, she has her parents blessing and a J-3 Cub to learn in.

OK I say, we'll do this together. Me patient with you, you patent with me and I promise to keep this enjoyable and safe.

Our first lessons go well. This girl catches on quick, she flies better than she taxis. HA!

Quickly we progress through all the pre-solo requirements; steep turns until I hear "My arms are tired"; stalls, "My stomach doesn't like stalls" and simulated engine failures, "Will this engine run for an hour without quitting?" and of course takeoffs and landings until we are blue in the face.

On September 6th, 2103, one week after a great AAA Fly-in where she received her intro to aerobatics with another instructor (who coincidentally soloed her sister in this same plane, thanks Eric), we sit and review her pre-solo written test, passed with no problems.

"Shalyn, pre-flight the plane, I'll be out in a minute." I tell her mother I am going to solo her today.

"Don't let her go until she is ready."

"Don't worry," I say "she'll be fine, I know she can do this".

It is 90 degrees, sunny, with the wind right down the runway. More T & L's, me pestering her; I'm hot, I'm hungry, who's flying this plane? Look at the cows swimming in that pond! I sing some of my aviation songs, terrible singing. I'm sick, get me down, finally I hear her yell, shut-up, I'm flying this plane and don't need any distractions! (The last lesson learned.) "Fine, I'll get out. Make me proud", I say, "and I'll see you at the house."

She beats me to the house after her first landing. Jumps out crying to hug Mom and Dad as I am walking back (also crying a little). They send her out to get me. "You are not done, it is customary to do three T&L's on your first solo." A quick hug and she is on her way.

As I am filling out log book entries, she taxis in. The big, confident, glowing smile she has tells it all, it is all the thanks I'll ever need. Of course many pictures are taken. I cut her shirttail off in the age old tradition. What a day!

Thank you Shalyn (Harve, Carolyn, Taryn, Matt and Annie) it has been an honor and a privilege to be a part of this day and I am sure the pestering will continue until we make you a private pilot.

Les "Sparky" Gaskill

Parrakeet Final Assembly

Posted in Members | November 10, 2013

Barry Taylor at TACO Aviation is close to returning Howard Wilson's 1937 Rose A-1 Parrakeet to airworthy status. Final assembly of the 'keet took place during the annual Pumpkin Drop at Antique Airfield with the help of Tom Gehman, Dave Jackson, Gary Van Farowe, Steve Adkisson & "Birddog" Sheets

"A Few Good Pumpkins" - Drop In At Antique Airfield This Weekend!

Posted in News | October 31, 2013

In a move certain to demoralize the members of O.P.L.A.F. while bolstering our enemy's resolve, the heavy hand of the government, under the guise of sequester, has pulled funding for our much needed counter-insurgency aircraft, the "Air Squash", thereby greatly restricting our efforts to gain the offensive in the ongoing "Boar War".

Disappointment shows in the above photo as our leader, Col. Les "Sparky" Gaskill, receives the ill timed news at the conclusion of a successful acceptance flight in the prototype aircraft.

Not one to take things laying down though, Col. "Sparky" bucked the chain of command taking his displeasure all the way to the Orange House. Alas, for his efforts the good Col. was told to stand down and was then heard to mutter that now famous movie line: "I'd like a beer please" (really, look it up) as he contemplates his next move.

But never fear, he has assured his senior staff, restricted or not, he will lead our annual training exercise and qualifying mission... code named:

A Few Good Pumpkins, AKA The Pumpkin Drop

Where: Antique Airfield (IA27)
When: November 2, 2013

For more details contact

Sponsored by: O.P.L.A.F. (Orange Peace Liberation Air Force) &

Texas Chapter Fly-In

Posted in Chapter News | October 31, 2013

AAA National Director Joe Haynes and long time AAA member Jack Brouse discussing Jack's latest project.. A Vought biplane

AAA member Stu Nielson watches the Beech G18S as it starts up. This was one of two twin beeches in attendance.

Don Swindle's 1931 Waco INF

AAA Lifetime member Bobby Jones props an Aeronca L-3

One of several "Legacy Homebuilts" in attendance, a Marquart "Charger"

AAA Lifetime member Alex Whitmore arrived in his Starduster Too

Part of the attending aircraft

A nice Bellanca 14-19

AAA lifetime member "Reb" Stimson's very shiny Beech T-34