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Iowa Aviation Museum Expansion Plans Video

Posted in News | October 08, 2013

The Iowa Aviation Museum in Greenfield, Iowa is planning an ambitious expansion, and has published a video describing their plans.

Giants in the Sky

Coverage on the 2013 Fly-In in GA News

Posted in News | October 08, 2013

Sparky Barnes Sargent covered the action at the AAA/APM 2013 Fly-In in this article in GA News. The article is on pages 24 and 25. Click here for the online edition of GA News with the article.

Texas Chapter and Northwest Missouri Chapter Newsletters

Posted in Chapter News | October 08, 2013

Here are the Texas Chapter October Newsletter and the Northwest Missouri Chapter September Newsletters.

FAA shuts down Aerial Cavalcade at Flabob Flying Circus but the Fly-in Goes On!

Posted in News | September 21, 2013

We've just gotten this news from Ambar Mote of the AAA Flabob Chapter and organizers of the Flabob Flying Circus:

Sad but true. After attending last year's event, the FAA determined that the fly-bys of Aerial Cavalcade met the definition of an Airshow and therefore required a waiver. We thought we had the details worked out, but in the end, the paperwork requirements for the pilot and planes to comply were too much and time was too short, so we elected to scrap the Cavalcade portion of the Fly-In.

The good news is that the fly-in is still on and we're expecting a great turn out. Lots of great antiques and classics parked for your viewing pleasure. There will be plenty of flying going on too, just normal airport operations instead of an organized aerial demonstration. The airspace will not be closed and we'll be open all day for arrivals, departures and all other normal airport operations.

We're also waiving the $10 admission fee we were planning to charge, so admission is now free. Lot's of great airplanes to look at and free admission. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. See you there.....

New Photo Galleries of All Contributed Fly-In Photos

Posted in News | September 18, 2013

Many photographers have been kind enough to share their images with us, and other than through videos we've struggled on the best way to show them. Now we've got a way, an auxiliary photo album website at

Click here to see the new photo album website.

Here's a preview:

Antique Airways Beacon Donated to the Airpower Museum

Posted in News | September 18, 2013

"Thanks" to the efforts of AAA member Stuart Nielson (M-21669) of Cleburne, TX, the APM is now in possession of a genuine airways beacon light.

This particular beacon has an interesting history that can be traced back to 1944 when it was officially listed as Waco- Ft. Worth Airway Beacon #48. According to official records it was located just N of the village of Parker, TX on the E side of Hwy 171 and at the SW corner of the emergency landing field. The beacon set atop a "standard structure about 50ft high, painted red & white and has direction lights pointing N & S. This is an intersection station".

While we are still researching the beacon's history, we understand that it was moved maybe more than once finally ending up on the airport at Cleburne.

It was a few of years ago while talking with Stuart about airways beacon & towers, that the subject of this particular beacon light came up. Stuart went above and beyond the call of duty spending two years negotiating and cajoling the officials in Cleburne and at the Cleburne airport in an effort to secure the light for the APM.

Ultimately his efforts were successful and the light officially became the APM's late last fall.

With the help of Terry Wallace (AAA Lifetime M-22889) and Jim Dougherty (AAA M-22143) the beacon light was transported to Antique Airfield during the 2013 AAA/APM Fly-in and was on display outside the main museum hangar.

Currently the beacon is on display in the main museum annex and appears with a good cleaning that it will be ready for use once again. We plan to mount (and make operational) the beacon on an authentic airways beacon tower donated by the Flabob AAA chapter. That tower is disassembled and currently stored at AAA lifetime member Ty Sundstrom's facilities in Visalia, CA awaiting transport to Antique Airfield.

It’s because of the efforts of people like Stuart, (along with Terry, Jim and Ty) that the APM and Antique Airfield continue to be able to move ahead in preserving aviation history for the future. We "Thank" them all for their efforts to save/secure this beacon light for the APM

Brent Taylor
Treasurer APM

More Blakesburg 2013 Family Album

Posted in News | September 18, 2013

Here are more for the family album of photos from Blakesburg 2013.

The Ladies Love Taildraggers meeting during the fly-in. Photo by Dave Schober.

Ed Lachendro (and Max Platts as well) take another passenger for a ride during the Cub Air Lift at the Fly-in. Photo by Dean Coryell.

Mike Araldi flies “Dawn Patrol” in his Waco AGC-8. Photo by Matt McVicker.

Our webmaster, Russell Williams, demonstrates how to hit the touch down line/mark. Photo by Paul Stevens.

The same Pietenpol Aircamper (flown by Rob Bach) that attended the very 1st AAA National Fly-in flies over the 60th annual event. Photo by Raymond Vullermin.

Follow me to Antique Airfield. Photo by Anne Woods.

Waco Sunrise at Poplar Grove

Posted in Members | September 18, 2013

New video from Tina and Steve Thomas at Poplar Grove, IL featuring Tina flying dawn patrol in the Waco PSO.

Flying Rides at Blakesburg in a Ryan SCW

Posted in Members | September 18, 2013

Jimmy Rollison took in-cockpit footage of flying rides in Russell Williams' Ryan SCW at Blakesburg 2013.

North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Fly-In

Posted in News | September 18, 2013

Here's a video of the North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Fly-In at Concrete, WA, held during August 2013.