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Pre-register for the Husker/Hawkeye Air Tour and Get a T-Shirt

Posted in Chapter News | July 23, 2014

Pre-registration is now open for the Husker/Hawkeye Air Tour at the Nebraska Chapter Website. Folks who pre-register will receive a free T-shirt for the tour!

Drive alongs are also welcome on the Air Tour. The Air Tour schedule is:

Sunday August 24: Hangar picnic at Todd Harders Hangar, Cairo, NE

Monday August 25: Tour Classic Car museum and visit Cabelas followed by lunch in Kearney NE

Monday afternoon: depart Minden for Norfolk NE for evening meal at Barnstormers restaurant (they are planning a special bbq cookout for us) and over night at local motel

Tuesday August 26: Depart Norfolk for Blair NE for some glider rides and dual instruction weather permitting.

Tuesday afternoon depart Blair for Red Oak IA for tours by Nick Hildreth followed by a airport picnic and over night in local motel.

Wednesday August 27: Depart Red Oak for Blakesburg IA for the AAA/Apm 2014 flyin

Latest Fly-In Registrations

Posted in News | July 23, 2014

You can register for the fly-in online or you can print the paper registration form for paper-based registration.

Just a reminder, if you are planning to attend and want to have a hotel or rental car during the event, we recommend making reservations now!

1941 Interstate S1A Cadet NC37340
Jim Weibe
Valley Center, KS
1938 DeHavilland DH-82 "Tiger Moth"
Bob Thomas
Indianapolis, IN
1940 Porterfield CP-65
Charles Slinger
Randolph, WI
(G.R. Dennis Price photo)

Bellanca Donation Project Progress

Posted in News | July 23, 2014

Tom Bullion, Paul Bjornstad and donor John Morrison continue to make progress on returning the Bellanca 14-19-3, donated to the APM by John, to flying status. Here’s the latest from Tom;

Great day today… three successful gear swings; brakes bled and came up nicely; found JPI paperwork and I think we can get the fuel flow included. I bought some sealant for the fairings to go back on… yippee…..

If you'd like to help get the Bellanca home to Antique Airfield in time for the AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in we still have some expenses to pay for including a new battery, fuel, ELT battery, and prop overhaul. Donations can be sent to the APM at 22001 Bluegrass Rd. Ottumwa, Iowa 52501 or via PayPal.


Photo by EAA/Jim Koepnick

Pemberton Aircraft at Warbird Weekend in Grangeville, ID

Posted in Members | July 23, 2014

The Pemberton clan of Spokane, WA visited the Warbird Weekend event at Grangeville, ID that took place July 12th and 13th, and sent us these great air to air pics by Scott Germain.

John Desmond's Vega Project

Posted in Members | July 15, 2014

John Desmond wrote today with photos of his Vega project - letter below. The airplane is NC13705 and was originally Shell #7. It is our understanding that the airplane is to be restored in those markings/configuration including use of an early "snap cap" P7W Wasp engine.

Interstates at Whiteman Airport

Posted in Members | July 15, 2014

Dick O'Reilly sent us this video of his Interstate Cadet and a friend's Interstate L-6, both based at Whiteman Airport in north Los Angeles. Dick says:

In keeping with the Interstate theme for this year's fly-in, here's a new video on my YouTube channel. It is a flight a few days ago in the other Interstate at WHP, a beautiful L-6 restoration. Although I don't think Stan will be able to attend the AAA fly-in this year, he is flying the L-6 to AirVenture in a couple weeks. I'm guessing a number of AAA members will be there as well.

I don't know how many airports can boast of a restored Cadet and a restored L-6, but it's sure fun to be part of the show at Whiteman. Stan has been there for years and his plane was the first thing I heard about when I moved in a year ago May. Everytime I have my hangar open, someone new stops by to ask about my plane. I even got a visit while refueling the other day.

Dick O'Reilly

Kevin Brown's Interstate Cadet Video

Posted in Members | July 15, 2014

Dear Robert, Brent, and all the folks at AAA:

Thanks for the kind letter you sent with my membership card and greetings, I should have joined long ago. Better late than never!

I will be flying my Interstate from Frazier Lake CA (1C9) with fellow AAA member Jerry Impellezzeri in his 41 Taylorcraft BC-12D to the Invitational in August. I can't wait for the adventure, and meeting all the great folks at the event.

A little history on myself and Interstate N28329 #17. Got my private in 1977 flying Cherokee's and 172's. Got a little tired of the "point A to point B" flying and languished for something more. I moved to northern CA a few years later and visited Fremont Airport (now closed) and for the most part all the aircraft were Aeroncas, Taylorcrafts, Stinsons, Cubs and a few "spam cans". During the winter the airport and runway would occasionally flood a few inches and on this particular day I saw a L2 making a run at the temporary lake down the runway, dipping a wheel in and sending back a rooster tail of water back about 4 feet. I said to myself that looks like real flying! Signed up for tail wheel instruction on the spot, and have been a tail dragger fabric low & slow guy ever since!

I restored a 11BC Chief flew it a number of years; then as so often in life, events happened and I had to park my flying and sell my beloved bird. But fear not, 10 years into my hiatus from flying, a friend from my flying days called and asked if i would come visit him at his new hangar at Frazier Lake airport and see some of his projects. It was a bittersweet vist. Lonnie was finishing up a resto on a Travelair 2000 and what a beautiful bird she was.He was also doing a annual on a Interstate Cadet, and he said "come on jump in and we'll go around the patch a few times." Lonnie said "you taxi and fly it and I'll follow you". I was a little rusty to say the least. Never before had I felt so much a part of a plane as I did in that Interstate. What a pure joy to fly! I told Lonnie If ever I could afford to get back into GA I want an Interstate!

Now 8 years later the same friend called and asked if I would come and check out his new project. Once again he had done a beautiful restoration on a J-3 Cub. I asked him about the Interstate I had flown and he reported it had been sold. I then recalled meeting a fellow low & slow guy by the name of Bill Mette some 20 years previous at the Merced Fly In. Bill had told me that he owned an Interstate project, and that this particular Cadet was owned by a Navy lieutenant who was teaching students In the Civil Pilot Training program in Hawaii "on the side," and was In the air with a student when Pearl harbor was attacked. That stuck in my memory! With help from Lonnie I was able to find Bill at a local "QB" meeting and I worked out a deal to purchase the War veteran Cadet

Interstate N28329 #17 was "drafted" into Navy service soon after the attack on Peal Harbor and flew over 30 "Official Navy Business" missions including submarine searches, search and rescue, medical emergencies Army photo ops, even a observation flight with a Army General (Puunene Naval Air Station was jointly used with the Army). It was painted three times during service in "Naval wartime camouflage" with "Stars and Bars" appropriate for the time.

In 1945 the Cadet was shipped to the San Francisco bay area and sold to a local flying club. They flew it for about 4 months and on a training flight experienced an engine failure and was extensively damaged on landing. It never flew again until February 2012.

After I purchased the project, I spent one year almost to the day restoring the Cadet, a bit of "nose to the grindstone" so to speak. With help from Lonnie Autry, Doug Metcalf, and Tim Talen I have a wonderful flying Cadet with about 250 hours already since restoration.

Thanks again, see you in August! Kevin Brown.

Interstate Cadet flight from StinsonBlueWagon on Vimeo.

Two More Interstates for the Fly-In

Posted in News | July 15, 2014

Two more Interstates registered last week for the Stars of the Sky and Screen, this year's AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in.

You can register for the fly-in online or you can print the paper registration form for paper-based registration.

Just a reminder, if you are planning to attend and want to have a hotel or rental car during the event, we recommend making reservations now!

1942 Interstate Cadet NC37429
Mike Latta
Auburn, WA
  Interstate Cadet N28329
Kevin Brown
Frasier Lake Airpark, CA
1941 Monocoupe 90al NC38905
William Smith
Seneca, PA
(Charles E. "Chuck" Stewart photo)
1949 Ryan Navion N4986K
Karl von Kaenel
Clemson SC

Youngest Pilot Award at the AAA Fly-In

Posted in Chapter News | July 08, 2014

The Nebraska chapter AAA will once again be heading up the award for the Youngest Pilot at Blakesburg this year, and we would like to invite other AAA chapters to co-sponsor this award. The cost will be divided up based on how many chapters would like to co-sponsor. We give the youngest pilot a lifetime membership to the AAA and a very nice plaque to go along with it, with all sponsoring chapters named on the plaque. Please email Todd Harders at for questions or to co-sponsor.

Thank you,
Todd Harders, Nebraska AAA President

Photo by Don Parsons

Movie Star Stearman Senior Speedmail to Appear At Blakesburg

Posted in News | July 08, 2014

Addison Pemberton, of Spokane, WA is going to bring his movie star Senior Speedmail to the AAA/APM Stars of the Sky and Screen Invitational Fly-In.

You can register for the fly-in online or you can print the paper registration form for paper-based registration.

Addison says: I am going to bring my 1931 4DM-1 Stearman Senior Speedmail to Blakesburg for the fly in this year as part of the movie theme. Our Speedmail was featured in the Shirley Temple movie "Bright Eyes." In this movie Shirley sings "The Good ship Lollipop."