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Beech GB-2 Traveller Restoration

Posted in Members | May 26, 2014

FT478 is a GB-2 TRAVELLER manufactured by Beech Aircraft and shipped to the English Naval Air Force on April 4, 1944. This aircraft, serial number 6704, was posted to 781 Squadron, Lee-on-Solent from 1944 to 1 January 1945. Then, it was posted to 701 Squadron Heston until September 1945.

After WW II, FT478 was returned to the US and released from service in 1947. It was move between Long Beach, to Alaska, and back to Europe after a 1983 restoration. Granger Haugh acquired the aircraft in 1994, with 725 total hours and 300 engine hours in 1994. NC582 was operated from Fallbrook Air Park, L-18, and French Valley Airport F-70 until 2010 when Haugh gifted the aircraft to the Historic Aircraft Group, now known as the National Warplane Museum.

Because of its service in WW II, NC582 was scheduled for eventual rehabilitation to its original 1944 configuration. However a taxi accident in 2012 caused some wing, engine and prop damage. Because of resource limitations the National Warplane Museum has been waiting to begin the rebuild.

In February 2014, Granger Haugh volunteered to rebuild FT 478 to its original 1944 specifications. Upon completion sometime in 2016, the aircraft will return to the National Warplane Museum as a flying example of the WW II GB-2 Traveler.

It was decided that Mark Lightsey, owner of Aerocraftsman at Flabob Airport (RIR) would do the rebuild. Mark has a history of rebuilding Travel Airs, Wacos and other one-of-a-kind aircraft. Phil Nussbaum, who maintained the aircraft 1994 to 2010, will act as the technical advisor for the project.

During the week of 21 to 24 April, Ft 478 was disassembled in the NWM hanger in Geneseo, NY by Museum staff members, Jon Cassano, Roger Ludwig , Andy Swanson and John Swanson assisted by Becky Reeb, Phil Nussbaum, and Granger Haugh. Day #1 the vertical and horizontal stabilizers were removed and panels removed to access the many bolts, nuts, and cotter pins. It was noted that in 1944, mechanics had much smaller fingers. Day #2 the flying, and landing wires were removed and all wing bolts loosened. With a fork lift the wings were removed and the various parts were readied for loading. On day #3 the truck, trailer and Bill Willmeroth, Deland Barnstormers arrived and the aircraft fuselage was fork lifted onto the trailer. Day #4 the wings, engine, and all the other parts were loaded and Bill left for OK to drop the engine at Covington for tear down and inspection.

Frasca Air Museum's Aeronca C-3 "Speed Kit"

Posted in Members | May 26, 2014

Tom Frasca and Steve Adkisson thought the Frasca Air Museum's C-3 should have a "Speed Kit" installed to go along with the upgraded engine (A65 Continental). The Museum is in Urbana, IL.

Pemberton Goose Has Spit and Polish Clear Coat

Posted in Members | May 26, 2014

Addison Pemberton and the crew at Felts Field, Spokane, WA have finished the clear coat and rolled out the Goose project:

This will be the last Goose update for a while as we will now be back into the details of the project. See pic of “Ensign Goose” spit and polish with the final Clear coat and roll out finished. This took $3200 of material and 160 hrs (total) of effort on the part of the Goose Volunteers over the last 6 nights!

Now we can sit back and work at a normal rate and enjoy the summer.

Paul Isakson's Taylor J-2 First Flight Video

Posted in Members | May 26, 2014

Paul Isakson sent this video and story:

Here's a video of the first flight of my 1936 Taylor J2. The quality is not that good, but the experience was. After a 4.5 year restoration process, this is it.

Paul Isakson, Lifetime member M-23456

YAHOOOOO! See you in September!

West Coast Stearman Fly-In at Allen Airways

Posted in Members | May 26, 2014

Bill Allen in San Diego sent us this update:

Here are some recent shots from inside Allen Airways Flying Museum on Gillespie Field, the site of the Annual West Coast Stearman Flyin Mother's Day weekend.

We had 21 planes - non-Stearmans included a Waco YMF5, Stu McPherson's 1927 Travelair and Larry Howard's Laird LCB from Spokane. The Laird is featured in the photos here and were provided to Flying Magazine for a feature on the hangar.

Arrival to Gillespie for the Stearmans was interesting as Obama was in town and the airfields were all closed. We finally got rid of him and arrivals were abundant late Thursday. Friday we flew 19 out to the Rancho Santa Fe Polo Fields for lunch. That was a sight!!

Saturday the Model A Club showed up with 11 cars including our Director of County Airports, Peter Drinkwater's. Saturday afternoon, a gaggle of 16 of us flew the coastline from La Jolla to Point Loma then down the bay over the USS Midway and Coronado Bridge - all at 500 feet.

Every evening the pros were formation flying over the hangar.

Saturday night we were privileged to have a screening of Right Footed - the story of Jessica Cox, the girl born with no arms that has a pilot's license. This documentary is in the works by Nick Sparks who did the Emmy winning documentary on Pancho Barnes.

Everyone got home safe before the fires started burning up our county. We are finally on top of them as of today.

BTW there was one real Stearman here - C3R NC794H.

Bill Allen

Nathan Rounds Restores a Steve Wittman Cub

Posted in Members | May 26, 2014

Nathan Rounds sent an update on the restoration of one of Steve Wittman's Cubs:

Here is a picture of the fuselage of one of Steve Wittman's Cubs. This is the second restoration I have done on it in six years. It was severely damaged by a dust devil here at the shop while doing the annual on it two years ago.. 52 hours on it when Mother Nature destroyed the thing. It took out my Pacer and did damage to Pietenpol also. (Grey Ghost). This should fly again before July. I have to paint the black and then reassemble. First time on the gear since it was clobbered.

New Bird for Rob and Laura Bach

Posted in Members | May 26, 2014

Rob and Laura Bach have a new plane. Rob says: "Pics of the new bird we picked up in Maine this week. Scratch built Clipper, two feet more wing, 1 foot stretch with an 0-320 and float fittings. Amphibs on order!"

Stars of the Sky & Screen Fly-In Registration is Now Open

Posted in News | May 23, 2014

Pre-Registration is now open for the 2014 AAA/APM Invitation Fly-in, Stars of the Sky & Screen.

All of the fly-in materials are available online, and will soon be arriving in your mailbox in the Antique Airfield Runway spring issue:

You can register online with PayPal or credit card, or print the paper registration form and mail it in if you prefer to pay with check or money order (no credit cards for mail-in registrations).

Please note that the AAA/APM Fly-In is a members only invitational event. If you want to attend the Blakesburg fly-in, and we hope that you do, you have to join the AAA or be an invited guest of an AAA member.

Harry Stenger's Inland Sport W500

Posted in Members | May 23, 2014

Mike Araldi, in Lakeland Florida, sent us photos of Harry Stenger's 1930 Inland Sport. It is getting very close to completion!

Pemberton Goose Has Joined the Navy

Posted in Members | May 23, 2014

Addison Pemberton writes about his Grumman Goose project:

Our JRF-6B (G21A) Goose has now joined the Navy and is full livery to prove it. A few dummy depth charges and a 1500 PSI water cannon will top it off for sure.

Getting close, clear today we are finished with the mammoth job of painting the Goose. Randy and Chad Ingraham and the Goose volunteers did a wonderful job the airplane looks like a million bucks. We all have day jobs and pulled this of in 1 week of very late nights!

Addison ready to soon get wet.