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Nathan Rounds Restores a Steve Wittman Cub

Posted in Members | May 26, 2014

Nathan Rounds sent an update on the restoration of one of Steve Wittman's Cubs:

Here is a picture of the fuselage of one of Steve Wittman's Cubs. This is the second restoration I have done on it in six years. It was severely damaged by a dust devil here at the shop while doing the annual on it two years ago.. 52 hours on it when Mother Nature destroyed the thing. It took out my Pacer and did damage to Pietenpol also. (Grey Ghost). This should fly again before July. I have to paint the black and then reassemble. First time on the gear since it was clobbered.

New Bird for Rob and Laura Bach

Posted in Members | May 26, 2014

Rob and Laura Bach have a new plane. Rob says: "Pics of the new bird we picked up in Maine this week. Scratch built Clipper, two feet more wing, 1 foot stretch with an 0-320 and float fittings. Amphibs on order!"

Stars of the Sky & Screen Fly-In Registration is Now Open

Posted in News | May 23, 2014

Pre-Registration is now open for the 2014 AAA/APM Invitation Fly-in, Stars of the Sky & Screen.

All of the fly-in materials are available online, and will soon be arriving in your mailbox in the Antique Airfield Runway spring issue:

You can register online with PayPal or credit card, or print the paper registration form and mail it in if you prefer to pay with check or money order (no credit cards for mail-in registrations).

Please note that the AAA/APM Fly-In is a members only invitational event. If you want to attend the Blakesburg fly-in, and we hope that you do, you have to join the AAA or be an invited guest of an AAA member.

Harry Stenger's Inland Sport W500

Posted in Members | May 23, 2014

Mike Araldi, in Lakeland Florida, sent us photos of Harry Stenger's 1930 Inland Sport. It is getting very close to completion!

Pemberton Goose Has Joined the Navy

Posted in Members | May 23, 2014

Addison Pemberton writes about his Grumman Goose project:

Our JRF-6B (G21A) Goose has now joined the Navy and is full livery to prove it. A few dummy depth charges and a 1500 PSI water cannon will top it off for sure.

Getting close, clear today we are finished with the mammoth job of painting the Goose. Randy and Chad Ingraham and the Goose volunteers did a wonderful job the airplane looks like a million bucks. We all have day jobs and pulled this of in 1 week of very late nights!

Addison ready to soon get wet.

Oklahoma Chapter Fly-In June 7

Posted in Chapter News | May 23, 2014

The Oklahoma Chapter will be having their fly-in at the Pauls Valley Airport and clubhouse, June 7. Click for printable flyer.

Hans and Sam Gautschi's Radial Powered Hatz Ready for Flight

Posted in Members | May 23, 2014

By the time you read this Hans and Sam Gautschi's Hatz might be flying, in Switzerland. They are ready for flight and have passed initial ground and taxi checks. The next step is official permits. Hans has sent us photos of his work over the years and it is gorgeous. The Hatz with a Rotec radial looks and sounds particularly good.

Sam is Hans' son, and is the test pilot. Sam is the pictured in the brown Waco shirt.

Hill Hatz Flies Again

Posted in Members | May 23, 2014

Long time Blakesburg attendees will surely remember the Hill Hatz (8032Y), and Ray and Dorothy Hill of Baxter IA. During the '70s Ray served on the APM board and Dorothy ran the museum gift shop while they were building "Eve", one of the first Hatz' to fly from the plans (S/N6) in 1981.

Since coming West with me to Denver in 1995, Eve has criss-crossed the country, flown over 400 kids, and now knows the way to Blakesburg by heart. We were fortunate that Ron Sieck of Grinnell IA, builder of the award winning Hatz Classic "Rainman", offered to restore her as a tribute to his friends Ray and Dorothy.

Ask Ron about the restoration project, as he says that working on Eve was kind of like aviation archeology. Ron could see the evolution of homebuilding from when Ray was originally building her during the 70's to when Ray was Ron’s Tech Counselor "supervising” him as he built his Oshkosh winning Hatz during the 2000s.

Oct 2013, Eve returned to the skies of Grinnell. Ron's workmanship is gorgeous and she flies as nicely as she looks - "hands off" on the first flight!

Now back home in Denver, Eve and I are both looking forward to returning to Blakesburg this fall.

Jeff Cain

Kelly Mahon's Chipmunk

Posted in Members | May 23, 2014

"Do it again Dad!"

National Biplane Fly-In June 5-8

Posted in News | May 23, 2014

The National Biplane Fly-in will be June 5-8 at Freeman Field, in Junction City, KS. This fly-in is a good one if you're looking for a weekend, there's a great show, great field with grass runways, and some of the best hospitality for pilots that you'll find at fly-in events. Click for printable flyer.