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Flying Over the Cornfields at Blakesburg

Posted in News | June 12, 2014

Rob Bach sent some videos to remind everybody of how much fun low-and-slow flying at Blakesburg is. Pre-registration is for the 2014 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in and more registered people and aircraft are below.

You can register for the fly-in online or you can print the paper registration form for paper-based registration.

1930 Waco RNF
Joe Kaminskas
Biglerville, PA
1942 Stearman PT-17
Todd & Tabatha Harders
Cairo, NE
(Charles E. "Chuck" Stewart photo)
1941 Stearman PT-17
Moe Hunn
St. Charles, MO
(Charles E. "Chuck" Stewart photo)
2004 Stewart 265
Don Stewart
Vulcan, MI
(G.R. Dennis Price photo)

Applegate Airport's 50th Anniversary Watermelon Fly-In

Posted in News | June 12, 2014

Come Help Celebrate Applegate Airport's 50th Anniversary

by attending our 27th Annual (Watermelon) Fly-In

Queen City, MO, Sunday, August 10, 2014


Food serving begins at approximately 1:00 pm.

All food will be provided: Barbecued Pork, etc.

Bring your lawn chairs

Grassroots Flying at its Best!

Click for the complete printable flyer.

Bellanca Cruisemaster Donation Progress Report

Posted in News | June 12, 2014

in an effort to get the Bellanca 14-19-3, recently donated to the APM by John Morrison, read for an annual inspection and subsequent delivery to Antique Airfield, AAA lifetime member Tom Bullion and Howard Foundation President Paul Bjornstad have jumped in with both feet. AAA lifetime member Jimmy Rollison will be handling the IA duties. Here's a report from Tom on what’s been accomplished so far.

Brent, We got the prop off and I took it to Memphis Propeller, Pablo rebuilt the actuator and it will work (Pablo rocks), compressions are awesome….. John did a kick ass job of pickling the a/c, I fixed the ELT (leaking badly from a D-cell), I cleaned the injectors, will clean the spark plugs when I get back from IAD. The aircraft with the prop AD done will ferry and both Pablo and I think it will annual OK. Couple instruments missing that ya'll need to advise us on. Tailwinds, T

We await word from the prop shop on the condition of the prop, then will move ahead with the maintenance and annual. If you would like to donate to this project to help pay for the prop overhaul or in getting the Bellanca flying and to Antique Airfield contact us here at the AAA/APM 641-938-2773 or

Our "Thanks" to Tom, Paul and Jimmy for stepping up to help quickly get this project moving forward.

Brent Taylor
Treasurer APM

Mike Araldi's "Rat Rod" Curtiss Junior

Posted in Members | June 12, 2014

Mike Araldi, from Lakeland, FL, is thinking about flying his Curtiss Junior to the 2014 AAA/APM Fly-In. Mike says: "I'm going to try and bring the Curtiss to Blakesburgh. It's a rat rod but a hoot to fly!"

Another Star for the Stars of the Sky and Screen Fly-In

Posted in News | June 06, 2014

The second "Star" airplane has pre-registered for the 2014 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in - Brian Aukes' "Red Baron Pizza" Stearman. See the promotional video below for Red Baron performances when the team was active.

You can register for the fly-in online or you can print the paper registration form for paper-based registration.

1942 Boeing A75
"Red Baron Pizza"
Brian Aukes
Ankeny, IA

Klaus Plasa's Airmaster Project

Posted in Members | June 06, 2014

Klaus Plasa lives in Germany and has acquired an Airmaster project for restoration. Klaus' story is below, and he's also looking for support and parts. If you have any leads please get in touch with us and we'll pass on the info to Klaus.

I am a AAA life time member and the lucky guy who bought a Cessna 165 project from Jimmy Rollison last year (NC20765, s/n 479). Even though I work quite busily in remote corners of the planet I spend and enjoy every minute with the restoration of my Airmaster when at home.

The attached pictures show various stages of the 'process', and, as you can see, there are numerous night shifts still ahead before she'll take to the skies again.

I wonder if I may send you a wish-list of things I need (or I'd like to have) hoping that you might be able to spread it somehow between members. May be one or another item be found in the loft of a garage or so. Or may be someone knows who may have this or that? Any blue print would also be extremely helpful, especially from the firewall, since I need to reproduce it.

Oh, did I mention that I live in Europe (Germany), and there are only two known Airmasters around on this side of the Atlantic at all, making any expertise of the type practically non existent.

Here is the Wish list: 1. Original "CESSNA" rudder pedals plus break actuator linkage 2. Parking break Jonson bar assembly or blue print. 3. Elevator trim coffee grinder assembly or any part of it, or blue print. 4. The original oval shaped instrument panel center insert, or a blue print of it. (Original instruments will also be needed, but at a much later stage though.) 5. Oil reservoir or blue print (1940 design with the cap at the rear end to enable a skin cover over it) 6. Shock mounts for the Warner 165 engine (4ea.) 7. Upper and lower gear leg fairings, possibly a pair of wheel pants (aluminum, no plastic)

During inspection at Jimmy Rollison's hangar

After shipment of the disassembled aircraft and before I got started, I had to store it for 2 months in a barn while being deployed to Afghanistan. Who says there are no 'barn finds' any longer?!

Let's get started...

Non-original rudder pedals and firewall

After pellet blasting and dye checking, the primed and epoxy painted frame

First parts to go back again. What a joy to swing wrenches clockwise!!

First Flight Video of David Pitcairn's Mailwing

Posted in Members | June 06, 2014

Nebraska Chapter May 2014 Newsletter

Posted in Chapter News | June 06, 2014

Here's the Nebraska Chapter May 2014 Newsletter. Husker Hawkeye air tour plans, chapter fly-in, and good stories.

84 Days to the Fly-In

Posted in News | June 04, 2014

The start of the 2014 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in is just 84 days from today and the staff/volunteers here at Antique Airfield are hard at work getting ready. Already we have 28 antique/classic/warbird/neo-classic & homebuilt aircraft pre-registered to attend from fourteen states. Here are the latest.

You can register online or you can print the paper registration form if you desire.

1998 JS Clipper 160
Rob Bach
Pell Lake, WI
Pietenpol Aircamper NX29NX
Rob Bach
Pell Lake, WI
(Gilles Auliard photo)
1981 Hatz CB-1
Jeff Cain
Denver, CO
1950 Bellanca 14-19 "Cruisemaster"
Ronald Hansen
Holts Summit, MO
(G.R. Dennis Price photo)
1948 Piper PA-15 "Vagabond"
Vaughn Lovley
New Prague, MN
(David Schober photo)
1930 Waco ASO
John LaBarre
Cincinnati, OH
(Brent Taylor photo)
1952 Cessna 195
Stan & Sandy Sweikar
Dameron, MD
(G.R. Dennis Price photo)
2008 Vans RV-7
Larry Schneider
Glendale, AZ
(G.R. Dennis Price photo)
1940 Taylorcraft BC-65 NC29624
Carl Carson
Cedar Rapids, IA
(Charles E. "Chuck" Stewart photo)

Mike Araldi's "Abeja" Seabee

Posted in Members | June 04, 2014

Mike Araldi, at Greenswamp Aerodrome near Lakeland, FL, has restored a Seabee. Mike says:

I found it in a hangar in Winter Haven Fl last year. Bought it from a lady by the name of Barbara King. She had lost her husband a few years ago and decided to sell it. The Bee had been stored there for 14 years and had not flown during that period. Up until the last few years they had kept it in annual. I got it ferriable and took it to my hangar in Bartow completely stripped, sealed, primed and painted it. We found it to be in excellent condition - needing just a general refurb. The G480 only had 106 hrs since overhaul - when we pulled the cylinders it looked new inside. Overhauled the prop, governor, new hoses, fittings, pumps, actuators, interior, soundproofing, hardware etc. It's a hoot to fly and splash around in - excellent hull in the water. I named it "Abeja," Spanish for "Bee". Cheers, Mike