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Dick O'Reilly's Interstate Cadet Video

Posted in Members | July 02, 2014

Dick O'Reilly, based at Whiteman Airport in north Los Angeles, updated us on his Interstate Cadet:

Attached are a couple of photos of my Interstate Cadet. Below is a link to a video on my YouTube channel, flying a pretty good crosswind at Whiteman Airport. Incidentally, In 1941 Whiteman had a fleet of six Interstate Cadets in its Civilian Pilot Training program. My plane was not one of them, however. Mine, equipped with a Continental C-65 engine, was shipped from the factory in July 1942 to Kadett Aviation, Colege Station, TX. It was owned by the Defense Plant Corp., Washington, D.C., and flew at Cardwell Flying Academy. In 1945 ownership was transferred to a pair of civilian owners in Ft. Worth, TX.

By November 1945 it was in California, at a Los Angeles suburb of Rosemead. It remained in that San Gabriel Valley area for a few years and in 1950 it was a trainer at the Mt. San Antonio College aviation school, where it remained through at least 1954. In the 1960s it was based at Santa Paula Airport in Ventura County, CA, where it was rebuilt twice and sold to a couple in Fresno, CA, in California's Central Valley agricultural area. I bought it from them in 2013, when it was based in Madera, CA and had been upgraded with a Continental 0-200 engine and an elecrical system in 1996.

My home airport, Whiteman (KWHP) is in the city of Los Angeles, in the San Fernando Valley, near my residence. As can be seen in the aerial photo and in the video, it is an area dense with industrial, commercial and residential use, and is beneath the Class C airspace for Burbank Airport (KBUR). The first modification I had made to the airplane was installation of a Trig 21 Mode S transponder, the first transponder in its then 71 years of flight. As one might suspect, NC37436 has more than 6300 hours and at least six 337s for major repairs of the sort expected from damaging ground loops. I look upon the frame doublers and strut welds as its well-earned badges of courage.

Dick O'Reilly

Fly-In Registrations - Another Interstate Cadet!

Posted in News | July 02, 2014

Here are the latest registrations for Stars of the Sky and Screen, this year's AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in.

You can register for the fly-in online or you can print the paper registration form for paper-based registration.

Just a reminder, if you are planning to attend and want to have a hotel or rental car during the event, we recommend making reservations now!

1942 Interstate S-1A "Cadet"
Richard O'Reilly
Van Nuys, CA
1946 Aeronca 7AC
Stan Myers
Linn, MO
(Charles E. "Chuck" Stewart photo)
2007 Hatz Classic
Gary Petersen
Walton, NE
(Charles E. "Chuck" Stewart photo)
1946 Luscombe 8A
Dan Schmiedt
Westminster, SC
(Photo by Elroy Hilbert)

First Flight of John Cuny's Seabee

Posted in Members | July 02, 2014

Congratulations to John Cuny on the first post-restoration flight of his Seabee. John sent us this story:

This is a photo of the first flight. Friday, June 21 we went around the pattern at Brian VanWagnen's airport. We flew about 40 min and did one takeoff and landing. Leaving the gear down, just checking for flight and engine conditions. Second flight was about a 1:40 with three landings on local lakes and flyovers at a few airfields to show that the airplane was in fact back in the air. We were greeted with lots of waving and excitement to see her back in flight status. This photo is at Jackson Airport where we refueled. Again, we were greeted with much enthusiasm. Brian is well liked in this area and known for his fine workmanship and generous help keeping the old water birds flying. Final Upholstry and detailing of the radios and engine tuning to follow. The next series of flight will be mid month July.

Oklahoma Chapter Fly-In Photos

Posted in Chapter News | July 02, 2014

Johnene Smith sent an update on the recent Oklahoma Chapter Fly-In at Pauls Valley, OK:

This years Fly-In was wonderful. Thank you to everyone that flew in and braved the crazy June weather we have been having. There were 28 airplanes that came and went. Everything went off without a hitch and everyone reported a great time. The BIG hit of the Fly-In was Shannon Sharp's BINGO! Shannon and all the players had a blast. Everyone from young to old was itching to get the next game started and see what prize was up for grabs, she even ran out of prizes.

I want to thank everyone that came and helped out in any way possible. These fly-ins couldn't happen without members helping out and doing what needs to be done. Congrats to all the award winners of the 2014 OAAA Fly-In! See ya next year and KEEP EM FLYIN!!!

2014 Fly-In Logo Emblem

Posted in News | July 02, 2014

Mike Gretz has created the new logo emblem for this year's fly-in, Stars of the Sky and Screen. Snazzy!

Habitat for Harmon: Roofing and Restoration Hangar Completion Work at the APM

Posted in News | June 26, 2014

"Thanks" to AAA National Director Gary Van Farowe and the Michigan AAA chapter, a project was put in motion last winter to re-roof the APM buildings. First in line and most in need was the APM Fly-Market. The chapter used the profits from the Dave Warren Coffee House they operate during the AAA/APM Fly-in, as well as donations from the chapter and others, to buy the materials. Yesterday Gary, his wife Carol, Rosie Duckworth and Jerry Lugten arrived and began in earnest to dig into the project, in hopes of having it done by the weekend. We're happy to say that as of today (06-25-14) almost half the new roof is installed. Once the junction is completed between the Fly-Market and APM Restoration Center the last half of the roofing project should go quickly & smoothly.

The new steel for the Fly-market roof arrives.

The project, dubbed very much tongue in cheek "Habitat for Harman", is but a first step in re-roofing all the APM Buildings. Donations to this ongoing project would be greatly appreciated and welcome. For more information contact us here at Antique Airfield.

Eventually all the APM’s building will be re-roofed with matching red roofs.

In other APM News, more work is ongoing in the APM Restoration Center as well. At the conclusion of our successful "Buy-a-Foot" campaign, work on the uncompleted project did not stop. Gears shifted in that it was decided to do as much of the remaining work as possible with our talented volunteers. This of course means progress sometime comes in fits and starts but progress is being made.

Case in point. APM Director Steve Adkisson and APM Treasurer Brent Taylor were seen today arriving back from a trip to the local lumber yard with a trailer full of lumber. That lumber is being used as support for a storage loft that will be built above the Restoration Center, and Steve and Brent spent the day working on that project. We hope by the weekend to have that loft decked and some of the interior roof steel in place in preparation for insulating the building.

For those attending this coming weekend' celebration of AAA President & APM Founder Robert Taylor’s 90th Birthday Party, make sure to stop in an check the progress on both the Restoration Center & The Fly-Market.

Gary Van Farowe set right to work on his arrival from MI.

Stripping a few sheets of steel at a time allows for quick replacement without exposing the contents of the Fly-Market to the elements.

The first sheet of new roofing being installed.

Gary & Jerry Lugten making progress on the roof on 06-24-14

By the middle of the day on 06-25-14 almost half the roof has been replaced on the Fly-Market

Jerry & Gary install the last full sheet before beginning the complicated task of mating the Fly-Market to the APM Restoration Center.

Meanwhile APM Director Steve Adkisson has the scaffolding assembled and a trailer load of lumber on hand, to begin a project in the APM Restoration Center.

Steve working on what eventually become a storage loft above the APM Restoration Center.

Fichera Bird BK Isn't Reportedly Anne Morrow Lindbergh's Plane, It Was!

Posted in Members | June 26, 2014

A few days we had an update on the Fichera family Bird BK, which just flew again at Poplar Grove Airport. Owner Anna Fichera had this correction for us:

I really enjoyed seeing Joe's Bird on the AAA website. Many thanks! I do have an issue with one word in the text accompanying the photos... that word is "Reportedly"!

A lot of people who own a BK Bird say theirs is the Lindbergh Bird so I have attached a document from the CAA showing Anne Morrow Lindbergh as the first registered owner of N727Y.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the annual gathering.

Anne Fichera

Latest Fly-In Registrations

Posted in News | June 26, 2014

Here are the latest registrations for Stars of the Sky and Screen, this year's AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in.

You can register for the fly-in online or you can print the paper registration form for paper-based registration.

Just a reminder, if you are planning to attend and want to have a hotel or rental car during the event, we recommend making reservations now!

1943 Howard DGA-15P
Jerry Lugten
Leslie, MI
(Nigel Hitchman photo)
1947 Aeronca 11BC "Cousin Eddie"
Travis Gregory
Ames, IA
(G.R. Dennis Price photo)
1955 Beech T-34A
Troy "Reb" Stimson
Ft. Worth, TX
(Brent Taylor photo)

Summer 2014 Issue of Antique Airfield Runway Coming Soon

Posted in News | June 23, 2014

The latest issue of the Antique Airfield Runway has gone to the printers. Along with all the pertinent information about the upcoming AAA/APM Invitational fly-in (Aug 27th – Sept 1st), there are also features on “Stars of the Sky & Screen at Antique Airfield”, restoration news from our members and more. Look for it in your mailboxes around the 1st of July !!!

Cover photo by Adam Glowaski

Mmmm Pancakes: Fly-Out to Hackney Field

Posted in Members | June 23, 2014

Hackney Field, north of Coeur d'Alene, ID hosted a pancake breakfast this morning and lots of folks showed, including Chad Vanderhoof in his Cessna C-165 Airmaster, Kelly Mahon in his Chipmunk, and the gang from Felts Field including Addison Pemberton in the Boeing Model 40. Photos by Curtis Mahon.