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Recording Dreams...

The APM Library of Flight

The interior of the APM Library of Flight

The aviation industry has always had more than its share of dreamers. Many of those dreams came true and a century of progress starting with the Wright Brothers in 1903 is close at hand. For the better part of the past half of that century the AAA, Inc. and Airpower Museum, Inc. have worked together to save our kind of aviation heritage.

The Antique Airplane Association, Inc. pioneered that concept 47 years ago while recognizing it was past time to save antique airplanes and to "Keep the antiques flying". No other organization had yet been established for that specific purpose. Thirty five years ago the Airpower Museum, Inc. was also formed by AAA members to add to those goals of preserving and maintaining aviation history while collecting a wide variety of artifacts as well as aircraft. We have today numerous aviation organizations and air museums dedicated to the same purpose with most seeking donors for their own programs. It is good that more aviation history is being saved world wide. Already too much of this history has been scrapped or lost forever but many aviation treasurers of the past continue to be found.

All of us have dreams of our own, some are fulfilled but the greatest gift to a dreamer is to gain the support of others who share that dream. The Library Of Flight was first proposed and discussed at APM Board Meetings almost three years ago. The need for such a facility to house and utilize the generous donations of books, manuals, magazines, films, slides, blueprints and art was growing with each donation of such material. Such donations will also be acknowledged in our Recognition Hall. In 1998 the APM Board voted unanimously to pursue the Library Of Flight project. Good things started to happen after an architect drew plans for the remodeling of the 1950s farm house owned by the APM since 1970. The Roy Carver Charitable Trust made a grant of $50,000 that allowed construction to start in 1998.

As the architects plans slowly turned into a solid structure, this dream of the "Library Of Flight" was now being shared and supported by others. At the 1999 AAA/APM Fly-In one of our dedicated AAA members offered a challenge grant of up to $15,000. This challenge was met and surpassed.

This letter is meant to be a big thank you rather than a plea for added fiends. However, if your philanthropy choices include more giving to help us finish the library, we welcome and thank you in advance for your ongoing support. The APM maintains its 501-c-3 non-profit status and our annual 990 IRS returns are available on request.

Our very best to you and your family.

Yours truly,

Robert L. Taylor
Chairman of the Board